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LeBron James Family Foundation serves up much more than 'Taco Tuesday' to Akron families

The LeBron James Family Foundation delivers hundreds of tacos every Tuesday to Akron families in need.

AKRON, Ohio — Dealing with multiple weeks of living under restrictions and closures can be hard on every family. However, this pandemic is hitting some a little harder.

“I’m not working anymore and am stuck in the house and can’t do anything about it and have to find a way to feed everybody,” says Akron resident, Alexis Palmer.

Although there are many obstacles and hurdles for families to overcome, figuring out how to feed your children shouldn’t be one of them.The Lebron James Family Foundation is making sure that some families in Akron, get some help during this difficult time.

“I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to feed them tonight for dinner,” says Akron resident, LaTasha McCullough. “It’s just one less headache."

The organization has been delivering hundreds of taco dinners to families every Tuesday night, since the closure of Akron Schools.

“For us, it’s not just a normal Tuesday or Taco Tuesday, this is kind of like a meaning for us that we have family outside of this house,” says Akron resident, Kaylee Rodriguez. “They’re supporting us through this hard time.”

Madalyn Morse, with the Lebron James Family Foundation, says, “They might not be able to put food on their tables or they don’t have time to go out to the grocery store. They’re living with elders who they don’t want to risk getting sick, so by doing this we are taking that off their shoulders.”

The volunteers each have a delivery route, they pull up and their trunks are loaded with food. Each vehicle drops off about 15 meals, but more importantly, they’re dropping off one less thing for these families to worry about today.

“It’s a burden, lifted,” says McCullough.

“It’s amazing. It helps because I can’t contribute with everything around here,” says Palmer.

It’s a night these families look forward to. It’s taco Tuesday, sure, but for them, it’s more of a thankful Tuesday.

“We’re all one big old family, so we’re doing it together,” says McCullough.

Rodriguez says, “We’re very thankful for our family.”

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