The OHSAA has modified its penalty against Glenville High School for fielding an ineligible player during their football game on August 29.

The Tarblooders will have two forfeited games reinstated according to attorney Michael L. Nelson, Sr., who filed the appeal on behalf of Glenville.

They now are 5-3 and are still alive for postseason play.

Glenville's legendary Senate win streak will stay intact as well. The Tarblooders have not lost a league game since 1997,

According to the OHSAA's Tim Stried, the ineligible player had been cleared to take the field for Glenville's season-opening game, but discovered afterwards that the family of the player had not relocated to the address on file with the school.

Glenville did not respond to the OHSAA on the matter until October 7.

On Tuesday, the OHSAA forfeited two of Glenville's wins, put the school on probation for two years, plus fined the Tarblooders $2000. The player in question was ruled ineligible for the rest of the season.

The issue of the player's reinstatement will be appealed at a separate hearing.