CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Indians announced plans to abandon the use of the Chief Wahoo logo ahead of the 2019 season on Monday, and opinions on both sides of the debate have been flooding social media channels ever since.

First utilized on Cleveland’s uniforms in 1948, the Chief Wahoo logo has been a point of concern from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, who cited the need for “diversity and inclusion” in the statement announcing the elimination of on-field use of the logo.

With Chief Wahoo being phased out by the Indians, fans have begun to speculate whether other mascots and logos will be the next to be abandoned.

And while some are questioning what logo is next to come under scrutiny, Indians fans continued to vent their frustration with the team's departure from Chief Wahoo.

The Indians are set to host the MLB All-Star Game at Progressive Field in 2019, and while Chief Wahoo will remain on items for sale in the team shop and stores around the Cleveland area, it will not be anywhere on the field or signage in and around the stadium.

The Indians will retain the trademark of Chief Wahoo, and while they will be able to sell merchandise featuring the logo, will not sell products featuring the Chief Wahoo logo starting in 2019.