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'I feel disrespected. 100%.': Baker Mayfield talks about past season with Cleveland Browns, NFL future in podcast

"I really truly honestly have no regrets of my time in Cleveland of what I tried to give to that place."

CLEVELAND — As he waits to see what his NFL future holds, Baker Mayfield is speaking out for the first time since the Cleveland Browns decided to go in a new direction at quarterback.

Talking on the Ya Neva Know podcast, Mayfield gave his thoughts on his turbulent final season in Cleveland, the fans, and how the Browns organization treated him. 

"I really truly honestly have no regrets of my time in Cleveland of what I tried to give to that place," Mayfield told YNK host Mike. "True Clevelanders and Browns fans know that. That's why I can walk away the whole situtation feeling like 'I did it.'"

Mayfield looked back at the two injuries that changed the course of the season, and his career in Cleveland. He tore his labrum in Week 2 against the Texans, then dislocated his shoulder four weeks later against the Cardinals. 

"I had no function in my left shoulder Monday (the day after). I couldn't lift my arm," he recalled. Mayfield was sidelined for the Browns' next game against the Broncos on Thursday, but returned to action the following week. 

"When I wasn't performing on the field, that's when it really started going downhill. I was trying to be tough (mentally) and fight through it. Physically, I wasn't as capable of doing what I normally was. I started losing my own self confidence," Mayfield added. "This past year was rough. It sucked. I knew what I could be doing, but I wasn't in a state to do it." 

The former Heisman Trophy winner also took a shot at fans who booed him as he was struggling through the season. "I would love to show up to someone's cubicle and boo the *&%^ out of them and watch them crumble."

"I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I got caught up in all of the negativity last season."

As far as how he feels about the Browns organization's decision to go in another direction at quarterback with the acquisition of Deshaun Watson, Mayfield didn't mince any words. "I feel disrespected. 100%. I was told one thing and they completely did another."

Mayfield also summed up his time in Cleveland.

“I got my taste of it because I’ve had four different head coaches in four years, a bunch of different coordinators. I’ve had the highs and they always come back," he said. "I had great times my rookie year. I didn’t start in the beginning. I came in and had fun in the back half of the year. 2019 sucked. 2020 was great, made the playoffs. 2021 was miserable."

So what's next for Mayfield? He's not sure. 

"I don't know where I'm going next, he told YNK. "I'm just looking for stabilization right now. I know what I need to do to bring out the best version of me and be able to lead an organization. I'm going to control what I can control."

Mayfield is technically still on the Cleveland Browns roster, but likely for not much longer. The team is looking to try to deal their former starting quarterback, who is owed $18 million in the final year of his contract. 

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