Wednesday, the Pilot Flying J trial resumed in Tennessee as jurors heard recordings containing a group of former executives using racial slurs and making disparaging remarks about the Cleveland Browns.

The executives, including former Pilot Flying J President Mark Hazelwood, who is currently standing trial on wire fraud and mail fraud conspiracy charges, could be heard listening to a country song by David Allen Coe titled "N---er F----r" while making racially charged statements.

We decided to go out and see what Browns fans thought about what was said in court, specifically the words to that offensive song. Here's a sample of the reactions:

"This is serious,wow."

"Yeaaaaa my kids don't even listen to that."

"I would kill my 16-year-old if I heard him listening to that."

No matter the race, gender, or age of the people we spoke with, they all agreed it was totally unacceptable for any company to play during a meeting.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam also owns Pilot Flying J, though he has denied any involvement and has not been charged in the scheme. Browns fans we talked to believe he's guilty by association.

Despite what they heard, fans say the tapes won't change whether they'll go to games.