CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku stopped by the Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday and there were no shortage of topics that were brought up during their 15 minute conversation. 

What raised the most eyebrows was when Eisen asked Njoku about the firing of former head coach Hue Jackson and how the team reacted to comments Jackson made in the immediate aftermath along with Baker Mayfield's icy reaction to Jackson going to Cincinnati. 

"Well obviously we weren't happy with what Hue said about us after he left. It is what it is. Baker (Mayfield) didn't appreciate it. We came together after Hue left and took it upon ourselves to work extra hard to finish the year strong. Baker has a voice, as well all do, and he didn't appreciate what happened. It's not like we're robots, we felt in a way, disrespected," Njoku told Eisen.

Watch in the player below: (Courtesy of AT&T AUDIENCE Network)

There were more nuggets from Njoku:

On his personal goals for the season: "I don't put numbers into my goals. I just feel like if I gave everything I could to the game, work my hardest, I'll feel like I accomplished. That said, I want 20 touchdowns this year," Njoku said with a smile. 

(Browns fans would take that!)

What's it like to have Odell Beckham Jr. around: "Great. Honestly with him, Jarvis, Calloway, Higgins, Duke, Kareem, Chubb, I could go on for days. We have a great offense. And I'm not even talking about the defense, which is stacked, too. So we're really excited about this year."

More on OBJ: "He has a tremendous work ethic. He's a great teammate. Just being with him for these past few weeks that he was in Cleveland, there's just great excitement and great energy. I just truly feel he's a great teammate."

Watch the entire interview from the Rich Eisen Show in the player below. (Courtesy of AT&T AUDIENCE Network)

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