It's official. The organizer of the “perfect season” parade is moving forward with plans after the Cleveland Browns completed a winless season after Sunday's loss.

"I'm a Browns fan first," said Chris McNeil, organizer of the 'Perfect Season' Parade 2.0. "I wanted to see the Cleveland Browns win today. I've wanted to see them win all season. "

The 2.0 stands for a second round at planning. More than $10,000 was raised last season for a parade, but the Browns pulled off a win on Christmas Eve which led to the event's cancelation. The money raised was donated to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

But the Sunday loss means the parade is back on for Saturday, Jan. 6 at FirstEnergy Stadium.

"This thing is also a protest," McNeil said. "It's a protest of the ownership of the Cleveland Browns and the front office they've assembled. The Browns have not done this city right."

McNeil said the parade is also about showcasing the passion of Browns fans – and their humor.

After every loss, the parade chatter grew louder, even grabbing the attention of Browns Coach Hue Jackson who said if the Brown went 1-15 again, he could be found him swimming in Lake Erie.

Jackson announced he will make good on that promise.

More than 4,000 users on Facebook said they're planning to attend the event. McNeil said he's expecting about 2,000 , but that also depends on weather.

McNeil said he still has to finalize some of the security and insurance measures for the parade before the final approval is sealed.