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America tears itself apart thanks to Ken Jeong, Joel McHale in Planters Super Bowl ad

What seems like a simple question leads to all sorts of nutty chaos in this year's Super Bowl commercial for Planters.

WASHINGTON — How do you eat mixed nuts? That question causes all out chaos in this year's Super Bowl ad for Planters. 

The "Feed the Debate" commercial stars former "Community" co-stars Ken Jeong and Joel McHale. Jeong told Forbes he was "giddy" to get to work with McHale on the Super Bowl ad because "he is one of my best friends." 

During the 60-second spot, the two actors are seen hanging out in a bar, when it's revealed Jeong eats mixed nuts one at a time, which McHale, who eats mixed nuts all together, is taken aback by. 

Jeong and McHale go back and forth arguing on the nutty topic. 

"If only you were as selective with your roles as you are with your nuts," McHale tells Jeong. 

They then decide to settle the debate in the most reasonable way possible...by asking the internet. 

As you can see in the ad, the question quickly tears friendships apart and prompts protests and even news coverage. 

"Huh, who knew America would tear itself apart over a minor difference of opinion," McHale remarks in the ad. 

NBCUniversal said it has sold all of the ad space for the 2022 Super Bowl, with some 30-second commercial spots going for as much as $7 million.

Some of the other Super Bowl ads released so far includes Michelob ULTRA's "Superior Bowl" spot with Peyton Manning and Serena Williams, Budweiser's "A Clydesdale's Journey" and Guy Fieri in the "Land of Loud Flavors." 

Back in 2020, Planters got a lot of attention for its pre-game Super Bowl ad that killed Mr. Peanut. The brand then aired an ad featuring the 104-year-old spokesnut's funeral, where he was then reborn as "Baby Nut." 

The Super Bowl is on Sunday, Feb. 13. 

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