While the world competes on ice and snow during the 2018 Winter Olympics, in the South Korean capital of Seoul there are sounds of a summer Olympic sport being played.

It’s table tennis and around the city there are clubs everywhere, places where Coach Lee spends a lot of time helping other players get a lot better.

“Table tennis is our favorite pastime no matter if it’s winter or summer,” Lee explained.

On any given night you can find some ping pong players filling up tables on three floors of the club with weekends bringing the real busy time, “usually on Friday it’s busy, Friday night,” said Lee.

It’s not a very popular thing to do in the United States but around the world table tennis is one of the most popular indoor sports.

“I have traveled all over the world and I have witnessed that it’s more popular in Asia, and China but not as popular in America ,” said Lee.

It’s why during the Olympics Coach Lee certainly loves to watch a little skiing but doesn’t plan on giving up her night job at the ping pong table, “I like skiing, but it’s so hard for me, so dangerous,”’ said Lee.