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Best sighting of the Space Station in 2019 is tonight over northeast Ohio

Get ready for the best opportunity of the year to see the International Space Station tonight.
Credit: Getty Images
International Space Station (Getty Images/Think Stock Photos)

CLEVELAND — Tonight will be the best visible sighting of the International Space Station over northeast Ohio for 2019 because of its path will take it nearly overhead to those in northern Ohio.

Here's where you need to look:

Credit: NASA
Space Station Viewing for August 2, 2019

Tips for seeing the International Space Station:

Binoculars: If you use binoculars, you will have to stabilize yourself in some manner. Laying on the grass works very well. Lean against a car, pole or some other stable, fixed object. You will not see a dot, but clearly, you will see some shape to this.

Camera: Best to use a zoom lens of 400mm+ that will yield some results.

Telescope: You definitely will see some shape and even some detail, but it is NOT easy to track the object. You begin to appreciate and realize how fast the space station is really moving across the sky.

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Special thanks to Cleveland State Research Astronomer Jay Reynolds for the information.