As you walk down a hallway at MetroHealth, you’d think you just walked into any high school. There are lockers, classrooms and teachers giving lessons. But the lessons go a step further because students also shadow and intern with doctors, nurses, administrators, anyone at Metro with a job that peaks their interest.

Endia Reynolds, got a taste of what the helicopter life flight crew does, and she was hooked.

“Well 10th grade year, I shadowed a life flight nurse for the department, the radio department and it was insane. I enjoyed it so much,” said Endia.

Endia will attend Cleveland State University in the fall. She is the first in her family to go to college. She admits it is overwhelming, but she can’t wait to get started because she knows how important a helicopter flight nurse’s job is. 

“The adrenaline rush and knowing that I am helping someone immediately like right then and there.”

But Endia won’t take the journey alone. The hospital will give her a mentor to help her along the way.

“We look at this as a life-long program not just a 4-year high school experience,” said Alan Neval, Senior Vice President & Chief Diversity and Human Resources Officer. 

After all, today’s students are tomorrow’s employees. You can see more of Endia’s journey in the player above.