To get kids more engaged in subjects like math, science and technology, pairing them with a hands-on project can make it more fun.

For students at a Lyndhurst school, a project to collect cans united them to save a rainforest, while tackling STEM work at the same time.

Todd Boerner is an education specialist at the Akron Zoo. He's enhancing a less the 5th grade students from Corpus Christie Academy are learning called "Cans for Corridors."

The class has been collecting cans that will be recycled to plant trees in Brazil's rainforest. For every 45 to 50 cans, a tree gets planted.

By partnering with the Akron Zoo, teacher Linda Parker says this project turned into much more than just collecting cans.

"We pulled a lot of math in on top of the science as well as art and technology," says Parker. "They're doing graphs and technology, so we are tying everything into it, and that's what makes learning fun for them."

The students read about endangered animals, made posters, and even had to figure out ratios and percentages. All to help re-establish tree corridors.

"I am one that believes that anytime kids can get involved with learning and not just learning out of a textbook, I'm all for it," Parker adds.

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