The best STEM education location ever? Cedar Point would have to be at the top of the list.

Yes, it may be known for thrills, but Sandusky, Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park is also a fantastic place to see and experience just how cool STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) can be.

Every ride is precision engineered. Every screw, every rail, every twist and turn, every up, down and around is expertly calculated, designed, built and operated.

So if the family has a trip to Cedar Point planned this summer (and let’s face it - that’s just a normal part of life when you are in Northeast Ohio) take advantage of the opportunity to find out why and how you're doing all that screaming.

Tucked away on their website you’ll find a little educational treasure - access to middle and high school workbooks on the math and physics of big coasters. Berea based Baldwin-Wallace University collaborated to create a workbook specifically for high schoolers as well as a workbook specifically for middle schoolers. NASA even got in on the action and has worksheets posted of demonstrations you can do at home that work on the same principals as the ride designs such as free fall and microgravity.

While you may have already missed this year's annual Math & Physics week hosted at Cedar Point every May, you have the chance - anytime - to take advantage of this amazing backyard educational opportunity.