PARMA HEIGHTS, Ohio — Police in Parma Heights are alerting students and parents to be aware of pedestrian laws after an accident earlier this week at Valley Forge High School. 

Two students at Valley Forge were struck, one suffering severe injuries, when they were walking in a crosswalk, but against the light in the middle of oncoming traffic. 

The Parma Heights Police Department points out that in Ohio, pedestrians must obey traffic control devices (walk signals and traffic lights), even in the crosswalk, unless it is marked that the pedestrians have the right of way. 

Officers add that both students will recover from their injuries. However, in the aftermath of the accident, the department says it has been made aware that students jaywalking and walking against the lights for intersections 'is a continuous problem and a very dangerous situation.'

Police say they are working with administrators at Valley Forge to get the word out to parents about this problem, adding that officers will be enforcing applicable laws and citing violators when necessary. 

"Parents, please talk to your high school student about crossing where and when they should legally," the department writes on Facebook. "No parent wants to get the call that their child was injured walking home from school!"

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