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Orchard Park digs out from snow storm

Truck drivers were stuck on Abbott Road for more than 24 hours.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. — 2 On Your Side spent several hours in Orchard Park Saturday where people were dealing with record snowfall.

"Once you stop, you can't move no more because it's coming down so fast, so hard," said truck driver Joseph Edwards.

Dozens of tractor trailers were at a standstill on Abbott Road in Orchard Park overnight into Saturday afternoon with crews bringing in heavy machinery to get them out.

Edwards, who's from Cleveland, got stuck Friday.

"It's killing me. I'm trying to get out of here, and basically, nothing to eat. Thank God for the neighbors here, they gave me some coffee," said Edwards.

Some were stuck, and others just stopped. The drivers were concerned about running out of food and fuel.

"We've been there for over 24-hours. So, I mean, some of us are low on fuel, water, food, I mean, and we can't depend on no one, so we have to get it, help each other out," said truck driver Ruslan Kodrov.

At long last, many of the truck drivers were able to get unstuck before more snow came.

Many people in Orchard Park grabbed some of the best seats in the house to watch it all.

"We just cleared out our driveway for the fourth time, so we thought we'd take a walk and see how the main roads are— but still pretty bad," said Rob West.

"And what else are you gonna do besides sitting around at home? Might as well sit on a snow bank," said Jade West.

Others had fun and let the adults handle the heavy lifting.

"We are making progress since last night. We've been getting up in the middle of the night and shoveling the walkways, doorways," said Dawn Shepard.

"It's pretty cold out here too, though, the wind's picking up, but got to get your cars out even though there's a ban. People are still driving down Abbott Road though," said Kelly Gray.


Gov. Kathy Hochul, Mark Poloncarz provide 3 p.m. winter storm update

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