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Cedar Point announces changes to 2 roller coasters: See what's in store for Magnum XL-200 and Cedar Creek Mine Ride in 2019

Here's another surprise from Cedar Point.
Credit: Ryan Haidet, WKYC-TV
Magnum XL-200

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Changes are coming to a pair of iconic Cedar Point roller coasters in 2019.

Park officials announced the plans Friday that will enhance the rider experience on Magnum XL-200 and Cedar Creek Mine Ride.

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For Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point is celebrating the ride’s 30th anniversary by resurrecting old special effects that have been defunct for years.

“Remember back in the day when there was fog and sound effects in the tunnel?” Cedar Point’s Kristy Bacni posted on the park’s blog. “Well, they’re coming BACK! The third tunnel will come alive once again with all that glorious fog, futuristic sounds and special lighting.”

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When Magnum XL-200 first opened in 1989, it achieved immediate notoriety for its record-breaking status as the first roller coaster to climb higher than 200 feet.


Cedar Creek Mine Ride turns 50 this year, and park officials have a few tricks up their sleeve for this attraction’s golden anniversary.

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“To commemorate this milestone, we’re adding a new soundtrack in the station, sound effects in the first tunnel (as you leave the station) and you’ll encounter some ‘old friends’ from a former attraction as you re-enter the station at the end of your ride.”

But that’s not all…

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“Also, keep an eye out for the mine shaft on the midway – you might see some fun effects out there this summer," Bacni said.

Additionally, both Magnum and Mine Ride have been given upgraded entry signs in honor of their respective anniversaries.

Cedar Point opens for the season on Saturday, May 11.

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