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The Power of Inspiration: A special Mother's Day shopping spree for two deserving Providence House moms

Guardians pitcher Shane Bieber and his wife Kara, Kaulig Companies, and WKYC partnered to highlight Providence House and two special moms.

CLEVELAND — WKYC's Power of Inspiration series highlights individuals and organizations making a positive impact here in Northeast Ohio, and just in time for Mother's Day, 3News' own Jay Crawford and Special Contributor Matt Kaulig teamed up with Cleveland Guardians Pitcher Shane Bieber and his wife Kara, to gift two deserving Providence House moms with a special shopping spree.

Providence House is a crisis nursery offering free, voluntary, non-custodial emergency shelter to children newborn through twelve years old, who are actively living in crisis situations that place them at risk of abuse or neglect. 

"In a nutshell, Providence House keeps kids safe and families together. So we're working with families who are in really dire conditions that need safety," explained CEO Natalie Leek. "They need treatment, they need housing, they need employment. And they've got young children that they desperately want to keep safe while we help them along that path."

The Biebers have been supporters of Providence House for several years and teamed up with Kaulig Companies and Kaulig Giving last year to surprise two moms with a mother's day shopping spree. 

This year, WKYC joined in on the fun, and earlier this week, all three groups joined moms Shanice and Trish at a local Meijer store where were each gifted $1,500 dollars to spend on themselves and their children. 

These are two moms who have given so much to their own families, but they say, they’re grateful for the help given to them by Providence House. 

For Shaniece, now a full-time nursing student close to graduation, the experience was the culmination of a fresh start for herself and her 4 young kids.

"I had a traumatic event where me and my children were homeless, so they were able to take my children in for 90 days," she told 3News anchor Jay Crawford. "Within that time, I was able to get my life back together because i didn't have to focus on the kids and everything that I needed."

For Trish, a mom and caregiver to many, this was experience she’ll never forget.

"Everyone i met today was a pleasure," she said. "I will never forget today and [Providence House, they're] always going to be in my heart."

It’s a cause Shane and Kara say, they're proud to support

"We've worked with them for a while now, and every time we have, it's been the most amazing experience," Kara told 3News. "And I just think that there are a lot of women that need a little extra help, and if we can be those people for them, then I'm more than thankful, blessed to be a part of that."

"The older you get, the more you realize that your mom, your dad, or both your parents have put into your upbringing," Shane added. Just to be able to hang out and meet some pretty incredible individuals [is special to us.]"

And for everyone involved, it was a joy to see these moms starting this next chapter with full hearts and full carts. It's a Power of Inspiration that, as always, you can be a part of too.

"There are so many ways to help, but honestly, I think people expect me to say, write us a check. Give us a gift. Volunteer your time. And we would love any of that," Leek said. "But more importantly, let people know we're here. If you're a mom who's struggling, we're here. If it's someone in your community...that you see struggling, let them know that we are here for them and their children. The service is free...and ultimately it changes their lives forever."

You can find more information about Providence House services and volunteer opportunities by visiting ProvHouse.org, email them here  or you can call 216-651-5982.

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