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What’s the right temperature on the thermostat to sleep and save money during the cold weather?

A power company has a recommendation and a local doctor weighs in as well.

CLEVELAND — Dominion Energy says in order to save money during this cold weather snap, you can drastically drop the temperature. Company spokesperson Neil Durbin says it makes logical sense, but may take some adjusting.

“The simplest way to control your energy usage and the size of your bill of course, is to turn your thermostat down. We would recommend that you keep it no higher than 68 degrees. We would recommend turning that down to as low as 58 degrees at night,” says Durbin.

While every degree lower will help your bill, Dr. Robert Hughes with University Hospitals Emergency Medicine says just make sure your family is comfortable.

“The World Health Organization actually recommends a temperature no lower than 64 degrees in a home for people dwelling there. The U.S. Department of Energy says 68 degrees is the optimal temperature,” says Dr. Hughes.

If you decide to drop the temperature overnight, don’t forget to layer up.

“So if you’re not getting under additional blankets or you’re keeping a fan going and the temperature is that low, it’s going to drop your body temperature. Theoretically if you’re not taking the care you need to stay warm, you could have some adverse outcomes,” says Dr. Hughes.

Both men advise to NEVER use a grill or your oven to provide heat because of the carbon monoxide risk. Ventilated fireplaces are a great option to heat your home, but make sure the fire is fully out before bed.

“It all depends on what your individual personal comfort level is. I guess that would be comfort level with the temperature inside the house or the size of the bill that you receive every month,” says Durbin.

Water heaters also uses a lot of energy, so that is another big factor into balancing your comfort and your bill.

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