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North Canton bakery creates Bernie Sanders-inspired gift sets after social media meme frenzy

The gift sets include three royal iced cookies

NORTH CANTON, Ohio — "When a man becomes a meme...you make him a cookie?"

At least that's what Christy Williams, the owner of Little Chunk of Goodness a bakery in North Canton is choosing to believe. 

After Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders went viral for his practical attire, including winter coat and mittens, at Wednesday's Inauguration, it was only right that he be honored with his own cookie. 

"I made these for fun, but my friend said she wanted them as a gift set. Lol," Williams said in a social media post.

The cookie sets, titled “Berrr It’s Cold Outside,” come in a group of three including Bernie bundled up in his folding chair and a matching pair of his now signature mittens. The cookie sets are available via pre-order only and cost $15. 

Click here, to order a set of your own.