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Watch: animals safely cross the Utah interstate with this specially designed bridge

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources caught all types of animals using their "Wildlife Overpass" over I-80 on video.
Credit: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

UTAH, USA — Plenty of animals in the United States have a hard time navigating to parts of their habitat because of manmade highways and interstates. It's a problem of safety for animals and humans alike.

To help get animals where they need to go, and to help reduce the risk of vehicle collisions, many highways around the U.S. have installed what are called wildlife crossings, including one in Utah that's being called a success.

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The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the Utah Department of Transportation installed the Parley's Canyon Wildlife Overpass across Interstate 80 two years ago. New video from the Utah DWR Facebook page shows just how effective the bridge has been at letting all types of animals cross safely.

In the video, you can watch animals like porcupine, squirrels and deer cross the overpass. 

According to legislation signed by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert back in March, more than 30,000 wildlife-vehicle collisions occurred in the state between 1992 and 2005. During that same time period 18 people died because of accidents involving wildlife. 

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The Parley's Canyon Overpass is the only wildlife overpass in the state so far, but Utah does have 50 wildlife underpasses to help animals navigate their habitats. 

The Utah DWR does want to remind people though, that if do see a crossing like this, keep off - animals only.

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