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In honor of Arbor Day, we planted a tree at WKYC!

Our friends at Holden Forests and Gardens helped us plant an Eastern Redbud in our backyard.

CLEVELAND — Ok, tree lovers, this one is for you: It's called Arbor Day, celebrated on the last day of April each year. It's a day to encourage people to plant trees.

So in honor of Arbor Day on April 30th, WKYC Studios wanted to do our part to support the mission by planting an Eastern redbud tree right in our own backyard!

Our friends from Holden Forests and Gardens came to the studios early in the morning and got to work. Holden just launched an initiative called "People for Trees."

It's their way of combating the effects of climate change in Northeast Ohio.

“We are inviting every member of our community to take notice of the trees around us, grow in our appreciation and love of trees, and make a pledge to plant a tree in your yard, at your business, or in your neighborhood,” said Jill Koski, president and CEO of Holden Forests & Gardens, on Holden's website.

This Arbor Day, consider taking the pledge and planting a tree. After you make your pledge HERE, you'll get information about which trees are best to plant in Northeast Ohio, where to purchase your tree, and tips for caring for it.

So, grab that shovel and go spread some tree love!

**To watch our tree planting, watch the above video!**

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