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'I want action on Lordstown fast' | President Trump rips into GM for Lordstown plant closure, company fires back

President Trump took to social media a second time this weekend to express his thoughts on the Lordstown plant.

It's not unlikely for President Trump to take to social media when he wants to make a statement. 

That's exactly what he did Sunday, addressing the closure of the General Motors Lordstown plant while calling out David Green, President of UAW local 1112. 

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"I want action on Lordstown fast," President Trump tweeted. "Stop complaining and get the job done."

Green responded to the President's tweet with the following statement:

"We're doing everything we can with the Drive It Home Ohio campaign to convince General Motors CEO Mary Barra to reinvest in GM Lordstown. As Mary Barra has said, GM plans to discuss our fate with the UAW in the fall and we are focused on getting a new product in Lordstown," Green said. "Folks here in the Mahoning Valley are True Blue, hard working, loyal, dedicated and ready to help General Motors and this country build the cars and trucks of the future." 

This isn't the first time President Trump expressed his feelings on the Lordstown plant. He also took to Twitter, Saturday, saying that he believes the plant should reopen maybe in a new format or under a different owner. 

The exchange of words didn't end there. Sunday evening,a representative with General Motors responded to President Trump: "The ultimate future of the unallocated plants will be resolved to between GM and the UAW." 

The statement continued, reiterating the importance of their employees. 

"Our main focus remains on our employees and offering them jobs in our plants where we have growth opportunities." 

The GM Lordstown facility officially closed last month prompting discourse among community members.

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