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Beyond the Dugout: Cleveland Indians All-Star Carlos Santana talks favorite restaurants, baseball memories

The first baseman sat down with Dave Chudowsky back in the spring.

CLEVELAND — It's time for another edition of "Beyond the Dugout," where 3News' Dave Chudowsky sits down with your favorite Indians players to discuss life both on and off the field.

Today, Dave chats with Carlos Santana, who has spent the bulk of his career with the Tribe & is coming off an All-Star season. The two discussed everything from Carlos' favorite baseball memories to his go-to restaurants in Cleveland.

Watch the full interview in the player above, or read along with the transcript below. (NOTE: This interview was filmed during spring training in Goodyear, Arizona, prior to the COVID-19 shutdown).

Chudowsky: Carlos, your first time on the "Beyond the Dugout" hot seat. Are you ready for these questions?

Santana: Yeah, I'm ready.

Chudowsky: All right. Well, I mean, this one can't be so hard. I know you like Cleveland a lot. Favorite restaurant in Cleveland.

Santana: I don't have a favorite, but I like a lot of restaurants downtown, I like [East] 9th. 

Chudowsky: East side or West side?

Santana: East.

Chudowsky: East side…Okay, favorite thing to do in Cleveland.

Santana: Play with my family; enjoy with the fans. 

Chudowsky: Do you go to the Metroparks?

Santana: People are nice, and go to Crocker Park. I like that. 

Chudowsky: I love Crocker Park!

Santana: Yeah?

Chudowsky: It’s great for the family, there is so much to do. Eat, shop, events…Is there anything on an off day in Cleveland that is special to you, or is just about being with the family most of the time?

Santana: Yeah, yeah, I spend a lot of time with my family you know…

Chudowsky: Favorite moment as a member of the Cleveland Indians.

Santana: I have a lot. My favorite moment [was] when, 2016 I caught the ball to make it to the World Series. 

Chudowsky: That’s my favorite moment, I love that…can you give me the reaction? 

Santana: (showing what he did on the field when he caught the ball) I was like thank you God! 

Chudowsky: (laughs) Yeah, we all said that! Right…oh my gosh.

Santana: That’s my favorite moment though.

Chudowsky: I love that...Teammate that you respect the most; doesn't mean you didn't respect any others, but one that really stands out.

Santana: Right now?

Chudowsky: It could be right now or whoever. Could be someone you played with in the past.

Santana: I mean, I mean you have a lot of younger players now and I am [an] old man. (laughs) Um, Frankie...he plays every day. I like Jose, too, they play every day and play hard.

Chudowsky: Favorite nickname on the team.

Santana: Slamtana! (laughs)

Chudowsky: And on that note… (laughs)

Santana: Mr. Smile.

Chudowsky: Mr. Smile…that's a good one.

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