In the aftermath of the Browns 30-16 loss to the Bengals on Sunday, I had SO MANY things to bring up with "The Voice of the Browns," Jim Donovan, on the Donovan Live Postgame Show.

Among the topics we dove into:

--Bryce Treggs' taunting penalty during the game. Jimmy was quoted during the radio broadcast saying the following: "What is he thinking coming up with a penalty like that? Taunting? Are you kidding me. This team is struggling to score points and BRYCE TREGGS is gonna cost you yards?”

--Hue Jackson and Jimmy Haslam's unusual pregame discussion with Bengals QB A.J. McCarron. In Jimmy's words, "I think Jackson is very, very comfortable for a man who has a 1-26 record as head coach of the Browns. It's like he's going rogue."

--The return of Josh Gordon

--Jimmy Haslam's history with Greg Schiano. There have been reports that Haslam was involved in the University of Tennessee's hiring of Schiano prior to Sunday's social media backlash that resulted in the Volunteers backing out. Jimmy Donovan explains that the Browns interviewed Schiano for head coach in 2014, a move that might have been the last straw in the troubled relationship between Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi.

"It's hard for me to believe that Haslam was not involved at some level in Tennessee's pursuit of Schiano," Jimmy D. told me.

Trust me, you don't want to miss this show!

You can watch the Donovan Live Postgame Show in the player above.