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How is my season pass impacted by Cedar Point postponing 2020 season due to coronavirus?

Cedar Point, which was supposed to open on May 9, has postponed the start of the 2020 season.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — As Cedar Point delays the opening of their 2020 season amid growing concerns surrounding the spread of coronavirus, some of you season passholders may be wondering what that means for you?

The park has a plan to make up for any of the scheduled operating dates that will be canceled.

"For 2020 Season Passholders, we will be adding days to the park’s operating calendar to accommodate for the days the park is temporarily closed (against original 2020 operating calendar)," Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman said in a statement

Zimmerman also said all 2020 season passholders "will enjoy added-value benefits to be announced at time of park opening."

If you're on a season pass payment plan, your monthly payments will continue as scheduled.

So when will Cedar Point actually open this year to start the celebration of their 150th anniversary? Park officials haven't announced a concrete date yet, but did say they are hopeful to open by "mid-May or as soon thereafter as possible."

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When the park does open its gates, Cedar Point will have a new boat ride, multiple new food locations, new live entertainment a new entry toll plaza and more. You can see all of the planned additions for 2020 HERE.

Kings Island, Cedar Point's sister park near Cincinnati, has also announced a delay in the start of their 2020 season.

Here's a closer look at the new boat ride opening this year at Cedar Point:


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