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Mom Squad: 'Failure to Launch' is real; here's how you can help

With the pandemic putting careers on hold for many young adults, the 'Failure to Launch' issue is a struggle for many families, but it could be a sign of anxiety.

CLEVELAND — Failure to launch is a real problem for 20-somethings and their parents. National Labor Statistics show COVID-19 hit young workers the hardest, with 41% unemployment in the hospitality industry last year. Then there was the loss of internships when offices were shut down.

In this week's Mom Squad Pod, Maureen Kyle talks to Dr. Lucene Wisnewski about how this increased anxiety in young age groups and is stressing families.

"There's a lot of behavioral indicators," WIsnewski said. "If you've got kids that are not moving forward on making decisions who are dragging their feet who are perhaps sleeping until two in the afternoon on the daily, who are ornery when you ask them about what their plans are, those can be signs that there's more going on here than just a pause after they've finished college and they're trying to get things together."

Wisnewski adds families are a lot closer now than in past generations, which is also contributing to the "failure to launch" issue. However, there are things parents can do to help with a child's independence.

"One of the solutions that I talk to parents about is making things slightly less comfortable," she said. "I'm not the kind of 'tough love' parent ... or psychologist that says kick them out, you know, because if they're stuck, they're probably stuck for a reason."

She recommends giving grown kids major chores around the house to help contribute or make them pay a little in rent.

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