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Cleveland APL offers pet tips for 4th of July celebrations

Here's how you can keep your furry friends safe this holiday weekend!

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) has issued a list of tips and suggestions to help keep your furry friends safe during the upcoming holiday weekend. 

While many of the social gatherings will be smaller and larger firework celebrations have been postponed amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is still important to consider the following tips for your pets.

  1. Ensure your pet is wearing an updated personalized ID on their collar in the event that they get frightened and escape. For those with microchips, be sure that all of the information is up-to-date.
  2. If your pet is frightened of loud noises, you should move them to an interior room with no windows. You can turn on soft music or "other distracting, calming sound" that will will help drown out the louder sounds outside. 
  3. Be sure to close and secure all doors and gates on your property to prevent your pet from escaping if frightened. 
  4. If your pet will be in a party setting, you should keep all unattended alcoholic drinks out of reach. Alcohol has the potential to poison pets and could lead to a coma or death in severe cases. 
  5. You should never use fireworks around your pets. Not only could fireworks frighten your pet, but there are many potentially toxic substances contained in them that could be harmful if ingested. 

The full list of tips and further details can be found on the APL's website by clicking here

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