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'The right place at the right time': New Franklin grandfather meets hero who helped save his life

It's a miracle Bryan White is alive to tell the tale.

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio — If you spend just a few minutes with Bryan White, it's easy to see why he's considered the heart and soul of his family.

But the truth is, it's a miracle the 62-year-old grandfather of 12 is alive to make his loved ones laugh.

On Sunday, October 9, Bryan went to Logan Field in Coventry Township to watch his 10-year-old grandson Maverick play football.

He saw Maverick get hurt on the field and went down to check him out, but on his way back up to the stands, the heart -- he so graciously shares with those he loves -- gave out.

"Got up on my knees and I heard my boy, and I was trying to get up, and I can remember (my son) said I swatted at somebody to get away because I couldn't breathe. And then, you know, you're disoriented and stuff. So I got up and then he took me to my chair and then I went back down," Bryan said.

He couldn't get back up.

"So I ran over to see what was going on, and at that point, he was on his hands and knees," Bryan's son, also named Bryan, said.

"He was on the ground and I'm just crying ... and just super sad," Maverick said of seeing his grandpa's state.

After Bryan lost consciousness, his son started breathing for him.

"We just kept working on him and praying at the same time," Bryan said of trying to save his dad.

There were many selfless heroes helping the White family that day, but when Bryan says "we," he's talking about Cleveland EMT, Jon Wearstler.

"Some people helped me get him on the ground, and that's when I started doing CPR," Jon said.

Jon was there watching his son. He was off-duty and just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The two (Bryan and Jon) tag teamed until medics arrived. Bryan's heart was shocked six times. He's now stable at Cleveland Clinic Akron General. 

There's no doubt that the CPR saved his life.

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We wanted to give Bryan the opportunity to thank his hero in person.

Jon walked up to the lobby in the hospital where Bryan was waiting with his family. He stuck out his hand, but Bryan wasn't having it.

"I don't shake hands, man," Bryan said to Jon, embracing him. "Thank you so much." 

"You're welcome," Jon answered.

The perfect team of faith, community, and heroes with heart saved a life that day.

"The Good Lord is the one that had everybody in the right spot," Bryan said.

"It means the world. I'm glad we got a second chance together dad," Bryan said to his dad.

Bryan has an upcoming surgery to be fitted with a pacemaker and defibrillator. His family says if there are any lessons to learn here, it's to get trained in life-saving techniques like CPR.

To learn more information about CPR, click HERE.

Editor's Note: The following video is from a previous, unrelated story.


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