Earthquakes are not rare in Ohio.  Seismologists say we tend to experience up to a dozen in one year.  What is rare are the higher magnitude quakes.

“[There’s no way to tell,] where they’re going to occur, when they’re going to occur, what magnitude they’re going to occur,” explains Ohio Department of Natural Resources Seismologist, Jeff Fox.

Monday morning ODNR determined a 4.2 magnitude quake occurred under Lake Erie off the shore of Lake County and at least eight aftershocks were recorded as well.

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There are reports of people being in the same building (even at WKYC) and some felt the tremor while others did not.  Fox says it depends on where you’re located and how active you are at the time.

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“It depends on where you are within the structure, if you’re on upper floors you’ll tend to feel the earthquake more than those who are on ground level.” he says.

“The effects of the direction of the quake rupture process determines who is going to feel it more than others.”

Fox says it was felt as far north as Ontario, Canada,  as far south as Canton and as far west as Sandusky.

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